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Games Like Forever is one man's trip down the indie game development hole.

Danger Grid is a retro futuristic adventure game for your mobile phone. It has a gameplay inspired by the games we played as kids growing up in the 80s, with elements of exploring, trading and occasional furious laser combat. The visual style is pixelated, low poly, cyberpunk, gritty, and full of neon that glows in the dark. The soundtrack is made by some of the most awesome synthwave producers in the world - more on this later.

You are the captain of a small spaceship, going on an adventure through a universe of strange looking environments, glowing neon lights, trash talking pirates, googly eyed aliens, killer robots, and much more. Unlike some other mobile games, the experience will be uninterrupted by ads and popups offering in-app purchases.

Development of the game is taking.. Well, like forever. If you would like to stay updated on the progress, or just want to show your support, please check out the social media links at the top of the page. Having more followers makes promotion of the finished game somewhat easier. You can also drop an email if thats your thing. All feedback is highly appreciated.


Exploring with the Explorer

Danger Grid is an open world game, with many different ways to progress. Piloting your Explorer spaceship, you decide where to go and what to do. If killed (it happens!) you drop your cargo, but can restart and can go pick it up again quickly.

Entering the Gateway

Travel and explore the Danger Grid, a large procedural universe of near infinite dimensions. Jump through the Gateway that interconnects the worlds, but be careful, some places are a little hostile to visitors.

Remote volcanic world

Trade commodities between the different worlds, mine resources, and make a profit. Upgrade the shield and lasers of your Explorer to better deal with the many dangers in the Danger Grid.

Buy low and sell high


Danger Grid is made in collaboration with a group of really awesome synthwave producers. You can listen to their tracks below, or go find them on SoundCloud and Bandcamp for even more great tracks.


Who? Danger Grid is the pet project of @MortenPerriard
When? When it is done. Hopefully some time 2019.
Price? That is still to be decided. Around $5.
Platform? iOS, will be available in the AppStore.